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The Sims 4

Life Simulation Game
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I use to play The Sims 2 back in the day when I was a teenager and was fascinated by this mechanics of this game engine. Creating people known as sims and controlling every aspect of their lives was something I hadn't encountered before. The house building possibilities were endless and the ways in which you could enrich your sims lives by making them learn new things was a lot of fun.

It was a huge hit and simply from playing it, you could see why! Like the previous version, it ended up having a number of expansions which gave you the ability to add content and run businesses and so on. It created hours of fun that kept you glued to your screen.

The Sims 4 Full Review

Now move on a number of years and we have The Sims 4. While many things are familiar a lot has changed since the early games. You have more character customisation options, not only in looks for your sims but also in traits. You can now give sims aspirations and take on challenges and goals to fulfil your sims aspiration levels. This has given the gaming system a greater depth and more power at your fingertips for building on the lifestyle of your sims.

If you love to build huge mansions or luxurious looking pads, then the building options have once again expanded. You now have many more items, decorations and building materials at your disposal to really let your imagination loose. And if this is not enough, the creators behind the sims once again have given you the option to download more DLC packs including animals, running your own business and of course household items.

Personally, I will always love the classic sims games but if you are a big sims fan than the sims 4 is definitely for you!

The Sims 4

Life Simulation Game

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